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The Delicate Art of Perfumery is an elegance that has been forgotten. The true essence of alchemy washed away by the waves of the masses.

Today, we once again allow for the individual to be reflected in their essence.

Connoisseurs in Agarwood & the resin of Oud. Perfumery created in its most precious form.


For the Individual. For One. The Beholder.

I have been collecting Oud oils for the last 15 years and I have never come across a range so sublime. Alchimie du Parfum are a testament to truly majestic scents. The Earth Oud has been balanced with it's mid and top notes with perfection. Hats of to the Alchemist behind these unique scent profiles!

Hussain Abdulla


La Création

All of our precious raw materials are distilled in-house by our Alchemist.

A heritage passed down through the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, Revealing the art of detail, precision & the elegance required to distil our carefully selected ingredients & transcend them into our signature oil blends. 

From our naturally sourced aged Agarwood to the aroma filled spices, we carefully separate these oils from their raw constituents, leaving behind only their divine scents. From the collection to the preservation our unique oils are guarded for the time to come.

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A collection so rare that only the Kings & Sultans of the pre-historic world knew of its existence. Selected museum-grade Aged Oud oils.
Inspired by the connoisseurs in the Agarwood trade.
Alchimie du Parfum releases an ancient history of scent kept a secret for hundreds of years.
A reserve so finite that only a few millilitres of each Oud Oil exist in the world!  

Le Roi du Oud

Exquisite Oud Oils. Extinct. Rare. 


Engage in a conversation with our alchemist and find a sent made in your true essence!

We give to you the journey of Perfumery. Every step. Watched in the form of its art. Created just once. For one is mystical in its lineage.


The knowledge & family traditions are passed down through the hands of an Egyptian alchemist, a heritage which routes back 500 years. Based on the ancient scent of the Agarwood tree & the resin of Oud.

Take a moment to step into the world of Artisan Perfumery. A world that will give you a gift to cherish for the years to come!



Artisan Perfume. Aged Oud Oils.

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