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All of  our precious raw materials are distilled in-house by our Alchemist.

A heritage passed down through the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, Revealing the art of detail, precision & the elegance required to distil our carefully selected ingredients & transcend them into our signature oil blends. 

From our naturally sourced aged Agarwood to the aroma filled spices, we carefully separate these oils from their raw constituents, leaving behind only their divine scents. From the collection to the preservation our unique oils are guarded for time to come.


It’s the most lavish perfume ingredient in the world and by most accounts the very scent of luxury itself.

Oud carries a smoky and mystical aroma. In the perfume world, the oil is appreciated for its sweet, woody, aromatic and complex composition. In the West, the smell is associated with seduction, while Oud in the Middle East stands for luxury, consolation & protection.

Oud is more than just an ingredient, it’s a cultural staple.

Oud is an exotic resin that comes from the wood of the Agar (Aquilaria) tree predominantly found in South East Asia.

Agarwood in these regions is used culturally to heal. A form of aromatherapy. Pure Oud oil is difficult to find, and many high-street brands now present their products as 'Oud' very little if any have real Oud in their formulas.
The highly secretive nature of how Agarwood is collected and sold tells its own story.


The highest grades of Agarwood are kept by the collectors specifically for cultural purposes.

With only 2% of natural Agarwood left in the wild, even the lower grades are sold at a price which is 1.5 times that of gold. It's for this reason it has adopted the name "liquid gold" throughout the olfactory world.

12 Oud Oils

At Alchimie du Parfum, we are proud to have strong relations with our collectors and source directly the rarest forms of Agarwood that can be found around the world. Some of our Oud oils have aged over 200 years! 

We can assure you that the scents we produce are nothing like you have ever smelt before.

All of our perfumes have a delicately balanced base of Oud oil. Each brings a unique scent profile to our delicate creations.


At Alchimie du Parfum we source our flowers from some of the best agriculturists found around the world. We are proud to host a palette of unique scents all of which are collected from nature's God-given gift.

24 flowers

Distilled to perfection in our in-house laboratory. Blended with our unique Oud oils, adding layers to the top and mid notes, creating a truly magical scent. A scent made in your essence. 


Regions across India produce some of the highest quality natural spices found in the world. The climate in these regions allows for the spices to flourish making their aromas infamous throughout the perfume industry. A divine olfactory sensation is found in our elegant oil blends. 

18 spices

Carefully selected by our alchemist to bring a unique profile to our personalised Oud based perfumes!

Spices make for a unique mid-note in our oil blends and are found to add a touch of flavour to the scent we carefully comprise for our clients.

The alchemist with his years of expertise knows just how much of the spice to add and when to add it, bringing out the character of our definitive Oud blends.

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