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The In-Store Experience

The Art Behind Alchemy du Parfum

Walking through the doors of Alchimie du Parfum allows one to embrace a transition through the culture of perfumery.

An ambience created from the sounds of historic Arabic jazz music playing in the background, allows the senses to become focused on calamity whilst the aroma of Oud captivates the atmosphere of the room. Find yourself feeling at one with yourself and it is in this state of relaxation that your journey of alchemy will begin.

An appointment only service allows for the privacy that is required to create a scent made in your true essence.


Get comfortable and enjoy a glass of Arabian tea or coffee whilst we engage in a conversation around character and persona. The movements that one makes throughout their day. The individual that you are at work against whom you are when surrounded by loved ones or for a trip away on a weekend. What your activities are during these moments in life allow us to create unique scent profiles, a perfect match for each encounter of each day.


Behold the beginning of your journey. One that will transform your relationship with Perfumery for years to come!

Meeting the Alchemist

Behind a glass frame covering a laboratory of alchemy stands the alchemist. From the historic city of Cairo comes a culture true to artisan perfumery. Family traditions of alchemy and a nose for scents passed through a bloodline allow for a rare talent combining the art of perfumery with ancient chemistry, all of which create 3 scent profiles that will embrace your movements throughout each day.

In front of you sits an ancient bark within which you will find 12 unique kinds of wood from the Agarwood tree 'the Oud'. Each scent profile is defined uniquely by the tree's origin. Picked by experts within the historical Agarwood trade and sourced from the natural forests of southeast Asia. Some of our Agarwood dates back 200 years. A true journey back into time.

In front of the Oud lay, 18 spices sourced from regions in India and eastern Asia. Places where spice grows naturally with the help of earth's given elements.

Above this, you will find 24 flowers. Flowers are sourced from around the world. Flowers with a scent that beholds a sensory gift for us all.


The Alchemist will recommend a base note of Oud. A combination of flowers. A mixture of spices all tailored to connect with your inner soul. One that only you can truly behold.

3 scent profiles embracing your true essence.


Now the true journey begins.

The Finale

Behold Artisan perfumery... Watch as the alchemist goes through the distillation of your selected Ouds, flowers and spices. Creating a spectacular display of art.

Drops of each oil sourced from nature's gifts are collected to make a sample for you to embrace.

Each part is calculated with detailed precision so that this individual scent, perfectly balanced with its base, mid and top notes can be recreated for you to use in the future.

Stand with the alchemist whilst you embrace a creation made in your name, apply it to your skin, and allow our unique pheromones to begin their relationship with the oils as they absorb through each layer. Projecting outwards your persona.

Crystals and natural gemstones produced in a variation of sizes are where these pure oils will live.

All that is left is for you to give a name to your scent. A name which we will be engraved into your bottle, after all, it is a gift...

A gift truly made in your essence. One that you will cherish for years to come. One that will stand out from the masses. A scent you will recognise as being only yours.

A new beginning. One of true definition and creative art is at a turn of a page...

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