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Frankincense - Premium Royal Hojari Omani

Frankincense - Premium Royal Hojari Omani

This aromatic resin from the Boswellia sacra tree in Oman is considered the finest of frankincense, and the scent is so beautiful it is no wonder it has been highly prized across cultures. Just as the resin heals a tree and protects its wounds, it seems to have the same effect on our minds and bodies.

Frankincense has been used as ceremonial incense for over 5000 years. Its spiritually cleansing and emotionally healing qualities are universally recognized.  The green and white grades are sourced 
from the Al Hajar mountains in Dhofar and the black is from the coastal area where there is more rainfall. 


This resin can be simply kept in a special container and smelled directly, it can be tinctured or infused in oil, or it can be ground and burned on charcoal. You can even infuse drinking water or bath water with a piece. The sustainability of the harvest of this material is overseen by the Sultante of Oman. The government only releases a limited about of this resin for export each year.


Choose a grade:


Green Royal Howjari: is considered the most prized grade of frankincense. It creates a purifying atmosphere and is reserved for deeply therapeutic and spiritual meditations. The scent has hints of pine, citrus, and eucalyptus. 


White Royal Hojari: is ethereal frankincense revered for its ability to create a clarifying and uplifting sacred space. The smoky White Howjary tears have a smooth presence and a light sweetness.


Black Hojari: has a deeply sweet, honey-like scent with fruity and balsamic notes. This is the most used for essential oil production due to its high oil content and is most commonly burned as incense. 


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